Editors Choice Awards for August 2014

Our Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide Editors' Choice Award is a once a month event where we award Web Host industry companies for excellence above and beyond that of their peers. The Editors' Choice Awards are chosen by the editors of Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide in part from our Independent Review ratings, along with added input from our independent review panel, reader's reviews, and other factors.A great deal of thought goes into the selection for the Editors' Choice Awards.

Hosting24First Class Web Hosting
Hosting24.com provides what they call First Class Web Hosting and from what we have seen and experienced, they certainly provide excellent Hosting services. Hosting24 offers fast redundant servers, advanced RAID disk arrays, and remote automatic backups along with experienced and friendly 24/7 support. Their Shared Web Host package includes cPanel and Visual Builder Web Development tools, with unlimited bandwidth and disk space with a good 30 days money back guarantee. First Class Web Hosting With Instant Access Times If you are interested is selling Hosting services yourself, you should take a look ...Read the Full Award.
SEO HostSEO Hosting
If you are an Internet Marketer and have a number of Website dedicated to building your product line with your own blog network, you are probably familiar with C Class IP SEO Web Hosting. One of the best companies we’ve seen that offers Hosting catering to Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketers is SEOHost. SEOHost offers Shared, Dedicated and Virtual Server Hosting with features that cater to the serious Internet Marketing audience, and all services are aggressively priced to help your budget. Check Out Their Long List Of SEO Web Hosting Features SEOHost ...Read the Full Award.
DailyRazorFull Service Hosting
Started in 2004 to offer world-class full service Web Hosting  done right, DailyRazor offers free blogging and Ecommerce tools for your business or for you personal use. IN all they offer over 60 free tools designed to make your Hosting experience a memorable one. Multiple Kinds of Full Service Web Hosting Provided DailyRazor has continued to add top notch technology over their 10+ years of providing Web Host services and catering to their customers. These include Shared, ASP.Net/ASP services, PHP, Ruby and, ColdFusion MX Web Host services, Reseller, and VPS Hosting. For serving great ...Read the Full Award.