Editors Choice Awards for April 2014

Our Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide Editors' Choice Award is a once a month event where we award Web Host industry companies for excellence above and beyond that of their peers. The Editors' Choice Awards are chosen by the editors of Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide in part from our Independent Review ratings, along with added input from our independent review panel, reader's reviews, and other factors.A great deal of thought goes into the selection for the Editors' Choice Awards.

JustWPWeb Developer Helps - WordPress
JustWP (Just WordPress), was founded by Karan Chopra, a self proclaimed WordPresss junkie, is an incredible resource for WordPress themes and plugins.  Chopra’s enthusiasm is evident throughout the site, making the reading more than just academic. We found it downright enlightening if not helpful to our needs, every time we visit. Not Just WordPress themes and plugins JustWP provides tons of information that will prove helpful for almost any need including tutorials, How-To’s information articles full of practical tips and advice It seems that anything you want to know about WordPress and ...Read the Full Award.
AlternativeToSoftware Applications
In 2009, AlternativeTo was established with the mission to help you find “alternative” software applications for your computer, table, mobile phone, or other device. You may be asking “alternative to what?” and the answer is easy. Like their name states, this unique site provides lists and lists of alternative software that you can use in place of the higher priced retail software most people use. Searches are arranged by device type and software application type. Its easy to find an alternative for Microsoft Office for instance by choosing your device then ...Read the Full Award.
Limestone NetworksEnterprise Hosting
Limestone Networks is an enterprise level provider that offers superior dedicated hosting services with very reasonable prices despite their high level security features, including the availability of Enterprise level DDoS protection. What Do We Mean By Superior Dedicated Hosting? Limestone offers its customers with a long list of Dedicated server configuration options, with easy configuration tools and did we mention their reasonable pricing? But it doesn’t end there.  For Limestone, their benchmark is that their customers are satisfied.and to sweeten their offer, Limestone also provide world class security and uptime with enterprise ...Read the Full Award.