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October 27, 2014 by

Paul Ng, Vice President, South East Asia, Global Cloud Xchange Mr. Ng joins us with two decades of telecom experience, most recently from Tata Communications where he served as Vice President, Global Carrier Solutions (Data Sales) forAsia Pacific and in other sales management roles since 2005. During his years at Tata,Mr. Ng was responsible for overseeing the sales team to maximize business opportunities and drive sales growth across Carrier and Mobility markets inGreater China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and Brunei.
President of Asia Pacific Global Cloud Xchange
“We are delighted to …

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August 21, 2014 by

Our series on Basic Web Hosting continues with a simple explanation about Green Web Hosting Services. Previous articles include Managed Web Hosting and Cloud Hosting services.
Over the last few years more and more people have become concerned about our environment and whether mankind is adversely affecting it. This concern has brought green energy to the forefront of new technology designed to create energy from more environmentally friendly sources, such as renewable wind and solar generated power, along with other power sources such as geothermal, biomass (such as biogas), tidal and …

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August 20, 2014 by

100TB has always been known as a premium web hosting provider. This month, the company has remained true to form by announcing an upgrade to its server line-up.
To start with, they have just launched its brand new range of Intel chipsets. The E3-1231v3 and E3-1271v3 have been added to their server line-up to boost CPU efficiency, speed and reliability.
100TB New Intel Chipset will help Business
Businesses are becoming more and more sophisticated and are constantly demanding more resource for their workloads at the server level so they need the chipsets to …

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August 16, 2014 by

This article on Managed Web Hosting services continues our series on Basic Web Hosting for our readers  (check out our last article about Cloud Hosting services).
Most people start out hosting their websites on shared servers (where multiple Websites are hosted on a single server), and so they may not be familiar with the term “managed hosting” at all. The term only begins to apply when the user is looking for semi-dedicated hosting, dedicate servers, and VPS hosting. When it comes to web hosting, you can think of the term “managed” …

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In conjunction with Singapore National Day 2014, I Love .SG Domain Campaign is once again made available this time of the year. The Exabytes Group, a leading website and E-Commerce hosting provider in Southeast Asia plans to promote this campaign in an effort to reward individuals, businesses or anyone who loves Singapore by offering new .SG domain registration at SGD3.99 per year only. The campaign starts on 1 August and ends on 31 August 2014.
According to Mr. Roger Lew, Sales and Marketing Manager of Exabytes, the group is looking forward …

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July 29, 2014 by

This week a “new” bill is to be introduced into the Senate that affects our Internet Freedom. In fact, the bill is a newer, supposedly stronger, version of the bill passed by the House in May. The bill is referred to as the “New” USA Freedom Act. Its purpose is to better control the runaway bulk data collection by the National Security Agency (NSA) and other government agencies. Among other things, the bill is further intended to increase transparency requirements whereby the intelligence community must report the total number of …

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About 95% of the American population use services brought to them by way of Cloud Hosting services, but most of them are completely unaware of it. In fact, even if some know they are using “the Cloud”, they would not be able to explain it coherently. But to us, and to our readers,  Cloud related services have become such an integral part of our Web Hosting world it is imperative that we at least have a basic understanding of what it is.
To begin with, lets say you have a computer …

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In 1996 the .uk domain name registry was founded. Named Nominet UK, the nonprofit organization has offered the following top level domain extensions in the United Kingdom over the years:,,,,,, and
The Nominet UK registry had registered over 10 million domains (10,301,331) by the end of 2012 – with the annual number of new domains registered tallying at about 2 million per year. According to industry domain data the United Kingdom (Nominet’s primary marketplace) was ranked 4th in overall domains registered behind the United States, …

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June 17, 2014 by

AHosting, a provider of high-performance FFmpeg hosting for video sharing sites, has announced the introduction of optimized ClipShare video hosting plans. Feature-rich video and audio content management system  allows companies and individuals to create video sharing and streaming sites similar to YouTube and Vimeo.
ClipShare offers a comprehensive range of features, providing a highly configurable template-driven platform for creating unique video sharing sites. ClipShare includes real-time on-the-fly video conversion, supporting more than 20 common video formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Quicktime. The built-in Flash player enables high-quality video streaming …

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May 19, 2014 by

CloudSigma was chosen for it’s platform by Workshare, a provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications to host its application testing and development environment.  By leveraging it’s highly available and energy-efficient public cloud environment, scalable resources, and flexible pricing for application testing, Workshare can benchmark the customer experience for new services or features before they’re officially rolled out to customers, in the most sustainable way possible.
Workshare chooses CloudSigma For Development
To ensure innovation is a core part of Workshare’s product development, the company needed a cloud provider with a scalable, elastic environment …