Our Guarantee

In order for us to remain online we accept advertising to pay our bills. We are committed to ensuring that you receive satisfaction from our advertisers that we back up our advertisers with our own Advertising Guarantee to you. Since we first offered this basic guarantee on Web Host Weekly in 1997, we have made it our business to provide you with fair and objective information you can trust. Our business is based on trust. How much credibility would we have if we did not do the same for the advertising on our site?

Our Advertising Guarantee

We created our Advertising Guarantee to give you confidence in our advertisers. We want you to know that when you click on an ad on this Web site, you can have confidence knowing that the products and services are provided by a quality company that will back up the products and services they advertise.

Advertisers cannot purchase our trust and we do not accept all advertisers that want to advertise on our site. We do not receive any pay-off money from advertisers to consider them for advertising here and we have dropped advertisers that have been less than trustworthy in backing up their advertised products. We care that YOU receive the benefit from their advertising, and like our reviews, some advertisers will never pass our own staff review of their products and services (see below), and therefore will not be eligible to advertise with us.

All of our advertisers have passed our advertising review so you know they can also be trusted. WE trust them and our reputation is important to us.

We Screen Each Advertiser to Ensure the Following:

All advertisers at Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide provide true and honest information in their ads. All plans, services, special offers, and any other offers and promises advertised on Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide are fully supported by the advertiser.

Each company that advertises with Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide must first pass our staff approval, and meet the following criteria:

Solid Service: Each advertiser must provide solid service. They must care about their customer. They must be ready to go the extra mile to ensure the customer is happy.
Solid Support: Each advertiser must support their customers. They don’t just give them lip service after they’ve collected your money.
Solid Value: Each advertiser must provide real value for the money. Value includes not only good pricing but many intangibles that make that company better than the rest.

We do not allow any advertisements from companies that cannot live up to our standards, and we will stand behind any customer that purchases a product from one of our advertisers when they click on the ads on our site.

Our staff will intervene on behalf of the consumer should an advertiser fail to fulfill the promises made in their advertisement on our site. Contact us if you have any questions about our Advertising Guarantee at editor[at]WebHostMagazine.com.


As stated above, it is only fair to both parties that consumers and the advertisers first try and resolve disputes and issues on their own before we get involved. Our involvement is not legally binding in anyway. We serve as an ombudsman only. All disputes can be directed to us at editor[at]WebHostMagazine.com. Include all details concerning the dispute, including contact information for you and the advertisers, along with any and all details concerning the products and services you purchased.

Payola, Payoffs, and Bribes

Our word is our bond. We strive for honesty and truth in all our dealings because at our core we are here to make sure you are steered in the right direction and are given the proper preparation for making an intelligent hosting choice. You can’t put a price on integrity. Once you lose your integrity you can not buy it back.

Note: Our Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide Advertising Guarantee says that trust works both ways. When you purchase products and services from one of our advertisers, you are entering a contract with them to comply with any Terms and Conditions that apply to the products and services you purchase. We will not intervene on your behalf if it is evident that you did not comply with the Advertiser’s Terms and Conditions. When you purchase a product directly from any advertiser listed on our website you are responsible for your purchase and agree to indemnify Red-Orange Incorporated and any properties persons associated with Red-Orange Incorporated, including Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide, against any losses that may occur by either party for any reason concerning our Advertising Guarantee. We have no control over the personal or the business practices of consumers, clients or our advertisers. All companies, consumers and clients are subject to change at anytime and we have no control over that process. However, we continually monitor all advertisers on our site to ensure the information is accurate. We reserve the right to make changes and amendments to this guarantee as needed. If you find something that isn’t accurate, please contact us.