About Us

In 1997, after 4 years of reviewing Web Hosts for our clients, we formed Web Host Weekly to publish our findings online as a simple way to provide more in-depth web host reviews for web developers. The staff of Web Host Weekly used the same set of Web Host review criteria they had developed over the previous 4 years to ensure uniformity of ratings. It was a practical set of objective review criteria that ensured more accurate reviews and maintained the basis of our review system..

In 1999, Web Host Weekly was simply too small a focus to help web developers in finding the right web host. We decided to expand Web Host Weekly and replace it with Web Host Magazine. The review system was modified and a staff of independent Web developer volunteers became the new review team. As volunteers, the team was strictly independent of advertising dollars and company direction.

Along with an independent reviewing team, Web Host Magazine updated its set of review criteria to stay in tune with the changes that, back then, continually swept through the fledgling industry.

Our goal at Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide has always been to help you find the very best Web Hosting services that meets your needs. It’s pretty simple, and it’s the truth.

We strive to provide positive and helpful information along with fresh reviews that are not old or inaccurate. If you find something in error, please let us know and we will change it accordingly.

Our Three Guiding Principles:

All of our reviews are based on our proven testing criteria and many years worth of experience. Our reviewers are told to hold true to three guiding principles:

1. Be objective and thoroughly test each Web Host using our proven testing criteria and procedures.

2. Be honest! Trust and reputation cannot be replaced!

3. Recommend only Web hosts you would purchase and use yourself.