Web Hosts Who Give Back to the Community

By David Dunlap
On April 2, 2012 At 3:48 am

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Since its inception, the Internet has redefined the way we communicate, providing a pivotal role in establishing connections between people and organizations. The Internet has not only advanced the role of communication for individuals and companies, but also has proven to be a major boon for nonprofits.

As the foundation of the Internet, Web Hosts, Domain Registrars, and like-minded businesses have played a critical role in establishing, enabling, and developing nonprofit organizations. Web Hosts act as the megaphone that gives strength and clarity to the charitable voice. It was not that long ago when nonprofit organizations were straining to be heard above the din of everyday life. Today tells a different tale. Charities can send their message of hope and kindness to billions worldwide with a few keystrokes. And yet, even though web hosts provide nonprofits with an online presence, for free in most cases, there is still more that web hosts are willing to do.

Web hosts help charities in a variety of ways. Web Hosts such as ColoCrossing and SingleHop support charities through donations. Other web hosts find ways to act as a conduit for charitable contributions. imSMB is a good example as they have opened up WebHostingCampaign.com for this purpose. Along with providing money and resources, Web hosts also have a variety of skills especially when it comes to computer technology. Network designers, programmers, copy writers, web designers, graphic artists, and the like can all be found readily in the web hosting industry. This provides a unique opportunity for helping charities create memorable experiences and market themselves. GiveCamp has spent the last 5 years creating a means for skilled technology professionals to help nonprofits.

In Charity Happens when you Least Expect It we see how opportunities for charitable giving exist even at a high school reunion. Co-founder of SingleHop, Zak Boca, went home for his 10th high school reunion and learned about the Center for Courageous Kids. The Center for Courageous Kids is a medical camping facility for children with special needs and life threatening illnesses. The center gives kids with illnesses and special needs the ability to be a kid and enjoy themselves with a variety of activities without having their illnesses getting in the way.

Charity at the Local Level discusses ColoCrossing’s donation of computer equipment to NativityMiguel School of Buffalo. NativityMiguel provides quality education to under privileged youth. However, their computer lab was subpar, outdated systems each being shared between some 20 students. ColoCrossing decided that not only was this situation unacceptable, but that they could do something about it.

Enabling Charitable Contributions explains how imSMB began WebHostingCampaign.com. WebHostingCampaign.com is a web host that gives 55% of all proceeds to one of four charities of your choosing. The target audience is small-to-medium sized businesses and the hosting solutions match accordingly. The four charities are Doctors Without Borders, Warrior Foundation, For the Soldier, and the ASPCA.

The last part of our spotlight on Web Hosts who give back to the community involves the Donations of Time and Expertise. GiveCamp, in all of its forms is a weekend event where technological talent donate their time and expertise to local charities. This includes redesigning websites, building apps, redesigning internal software such as CRM, producing marketing material, etc. All code and materials are donated, so this is 100% original work with the charity being the sole recipient.

In each of these examples we see how Web Hosts large and small, have made an impact. These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. There are acts of kindness from corporations and individuals in the hosting industry happening everyday. To all of you we say thank you for making a difference.