Charity Happens when you Least Expect It

Web Hosts Who Give Back to the Community
Charity Happens when you Least Expect It
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Donations of Time and Expertise

To understand SingleHop you would probably have to learn the story of its founders and their previous venture.

Zak Boca and Dan Ushman had talked online when they were in high school. Both ran web host directories and would refer business to each other. By college both came to a realization, why report on the industry when you can be a part of it. Zak and Dan didn’t have aspirations for building a web hosting mega-giant. Instead, it was just about beer money and maybe paying the bills. With these goals in mind, midPhase was born. If the company did well (i.e. received customers) in six months, they would both quit college and dedicated themselves full time. In six months, the company had around 1,500 customers. Not bad for beer money.

midPhase was sold a few years down the road and SingleHop was built. While midPhase was focused on the lower end of web hosting (low cost), SingleHop was developed to focus on the other side of web hosting, enterprise and dedicated level hosting. Making early personal sacrifices with building SingleHop paid in full. Singlehop placed 25th last year on the Inc. 500 as well as experiencing 7,304% growth over the course of three years. While being successful, SingleHop also gives back to the community through a number of charitable causes such as Casa Central.

Chance Meetings

As Zak Boca was attending his high school reunion, finding another charitable cause for SingleHop was probably far most from his mind. At the reunion Zak began to talk with Kim O’Conner, in charge of Special Projects at The Center for Courageous Kids. As a 501(c)(3) charity, The Center for Courageous Kids is constantly looking for donations. Kim decided to follow up with Zak and ask to see if SingleHop was interested in donating. ” We were able to set up a meeting pretty quickly and Zak came back to Kentucky and toured our facility. Zak took information, pictures, and videos back to his staff in Chicago and not long after they decided they would like to make a difference by becoming the 2012 Pharmacy Sponsor and donated $10,000.00,” said Kim.

“We look at organizations that we like, and where we know how our contributions will be used. For the Center for Courageous Kids, we sponsored the children’s pharmacy, because it’s obviously an area that should have the appropriate funds,” said Zak. He continues, ” Our donation to the center really struck a different chord within the company, and I think that it just goes to show how special the camp is, and how close to home it hit with our employees. The camp is about having fun, and I think that’s what I liked about it, and what our employees liked about it.”

If this seems like a dream occurrence, then you could say the story of The Center for Courageous Kids has come full circle.

Chance Beginnings

In 2004, Elizabeth Turner Campbell visited a medical camp called Camp Boggy Creek in Florida. Camp Boggy Creek was co-founded by the late Paul Newman and General H. Norman Schwarzkopf as a means “to enrich the lives of seriously ill children and their families.” The camp offers the common activities found at most summer camps with an elaborate medical facility to ensure that those who are ill can spend more time enjoying their stay and less time worrying about where they are going to get their medicine and medical treatments.

Having lost a son to cancer, Camp Boggy Creek struck a chord with Elizabeth and she asked if she could join Newman and Schwarzkopf in being a founding member. They wholeheartedly agreed and afterward Elizabeth headed back to her own home in Scottsville, Kentucky. She surveyed her farm land, reminiscing about her son and the wonderful times they had spent. Those memories soon fueled the dream of transforming her farm into medical camp as well.

Intent on making it happen, Elizabeth called Roger Murtie, CEO of Boggy Creak, and asked if a medical camp was needed in the Kentucky area. Roger started making calls to the various Children Hospitals in the area: St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, Kosair Childrens Hospital, Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital, among others. He was given a very positive answer.

With his wife, Stormi, Roger left Florida to help develop a world class medical camp in Kentucky. And thus, The Center for Courageous Kids was born. The facility is 168 acres with an equestrian center, an indoor pool, a high school size gymnasium with a climbing wall, a bowling alley, a medical center with helipad and a lot more. Since it began, the center has helped more than 10,000 children from 32 states and Canada. And it does it all free of charge.

Free to the families, but to say The Center for Courageous Kids has no expenses is a misnomer. Kim stated these problems all too clearly, “There is a distinct difference between no charge and no cost. Oftentimes the community hears no charge or free to the campers and families and they translate that into meaning that theres some magical entity that pays for this experience. Theres no magic its donors donors just like SingleHop who have a heart for the seriously ill children we serve, and who find creative and generous ways to embrace us. They understand our costs are underwritten by health partners, foundations, corporations, businesses and individuals all of them joining together. Our annual operating budget is $3 million a year. We cannot raise that from car washes and bake sales. We need the community at large to continue to join us in supporting our inspirational kids for we believe in the healing power of fresh air and sunshine, and in uplifting the life of a sick child, no matter how long or short that life may be.”

Kudos to SingleHop and thank you CCK for the children and families you have touched.