Charity at the Local Level

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Charity at the Local Level
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Donations of Time and Expertise

As a young industry, web hosting was synonymous with hobbyists and dreamers, high school CEOs and the answering of support calls from the privacy of a bedroom closet. Just as the industry has matured from these youthful moments to mature businesses, so too does the story of ColoCrossing.

Ten years ago, Jon Biloh started Velocity Servers as a means to make easy money. Jon once joked, “I’m not embarrassed to admit, I was looking for ways to ‘easily’ make enough money to buy a fancy car.” Fresh out of high school, Jon was looking to become a success with an industry he understood.

The exact date has been lost to the past, but there was a turning point, where easy money matured into hard work and dedication. The dreams of having a fancy new car were replaced with the day-to-day operations of running a successful business. Indeed, as the web hosting industry matured, so too did Velocity Servers. “Around 2006 we opened ColoCrossing after having identified an opportunity to fill a niche – making enterprise class managed hosting available to small and medium sized businesses. A short six years later ColoCrossing operates a network of 7 different datacenters in North America,” said Jon.

As Velocity Servers Network Exchange’s (VSNX) flagship, ColoCrossing is a provider of high performance dedicated servers and managed hosting. ColoCrossing operates seven datacenters with an eighth on the way. Though they host from almost eight datacenters, ColoCrossing is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

“I understand the challenges that private and charter schools must overcome given their budgetary constraints. The wonderful and highly motivated administrators and teachers that make it all happen are truly an inspiration. Education is what powers the world, and providing students with the tools they need to succeed is an honor I’m proud to have, due to our company’s success”

- Jon Biloh, Founder and VP of Operations, ColoCrossing

Charitable Causes

Local charities allow you to not only donate money, but time as well. You can physically see your donation in the restoration of the community. ColoCrossing choose this path recently with their donation to NavitiyMiguel School of Buffalo.

“When you’re looking for areas that have the biggest impact, for the longest period of time, anything having to do with education is a good place to start. It’s crucial that we ensure schools have all of the resources they need to provide the best quality programs. Helping to make sure that children get the most out of their time at school just makes sense,” Jon said.

When it came time to select a charity, ColoCrossing wanted to make a large impact over a long period of time. To that end, a direct donation to a school seemed like a perfect fit. But who and what would be donated? Jon began the process, “we looked for schools with the most immediate needs. Situations where 20 students are expected to share a single, dated, computer are not acceptable in our eyes. NativityMiguel focuses on providing quality education to under privileged youth who come from poverty stricken homes – you can imagine that any school in that environment would struggle to keep pace with technology.”

The NativityMiguel School of Buffalo fit the criteria. Not only do they focus on giving low income students a proper education, they also find ways to inspire and motivate them. Students of NativityMiguel have high attendance rates and continue their education at a variety of quality high schools.

“We have to keep classes small because one of the keys is that all of our teachers know all of our students very well,” said Nancy Langer, school President.“The main thing is the relationship that’s developed between the student, the school and the families,” said Langer.

ColoCrossing could have sent money to the school for the purposes of purchasing computer equipment. However, as a technology company, ColoCrossing can get the bulk of the parts necessary for far less than the school could have. Added to the fact that the staff of ColoCrossing can build one mean computer system and you have a recipe for technological excellence. In total, ColoCrossing donated $40,000 worth of equipment and software with a promise of providing ongoing support services.

In closing, Jon summed it all up, “Just making an effort is what counts. Not all deserving causes needs to be answered with a monetary contribution. Often times specific services and man power is what’s needed most – so regardless of your company’s ability to give financially, opportunity abounds. Everyone and every company can make a real difference.”