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Editors' Choice Awards
Our Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide Editors' Choice Award is a once a month event where we award companies in the industry for excellence above and beyond that of their peers. The Editors' Choice Awards are chosen by the editors of Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide in part from our Independent Review ratings, along with added input from our independent review panel, reader's reviews, and other factors. A great deal of thought goes into the selection for the Editors' Choice Awards... Read Our Awards!

Web Host Veterans Picks

We've been "hands on" Hosting, reviewing and testing Web Hosts for two decades now... take it from us, the Web Hosts below are worth taking a look at!

Selected Top Web Hosts

Click on the Web Host communities below to find some of the very best Web Hosts anywhere. Each one has been hand picked by our staff so you won't have to search high and low for your next Web Host

About Our Reviews & Picks

All of our reviews are based on our proven test criteria as well as two decades of experience. We began reviewing Web Hosting companies and services (see Web Host Research Center) for PC industry companies in the Silicon Valley when the Web Host industry was getting started and we have remained working in that capacity ever since. Over the years, as the industry changed and along with it our testing methods, we have been steadfast in following 3 very important rules that have never changed.

Our 3 Rock Solid Guiding Principles:

  1. Be objective and thoroughly test each Web Host using our proven testing criteria and procedures.
  2. Be honest! Trust and reputation cannot be replaced!
  3. Recommend only Web hosts you would purchase and use yourself.

From the Editor:

  1. We have finally completed updating our latest Review Testing criteria and we'll be rolling out new and updated reviews in the coming days.
  2. To Our Readers: Contact us if you are looking to find a Web Host. We will do our best to help you, free of charge.
  3. To Web Hosts: Contact us if you would like to be featured on Web Host Magazine & Buyer's Guide.